New Orleans Item – August 2, 1937

Boswell Sister Nurses Father Back to Health On Visit Here

Martha Boswell Lloyd, the oldest of the three famous Boswell Sisters and her British husband, Major George Lloyd, are in New Orleans from their New York farm after receiving news of the sudden illness of Martha’s father, A. C. Boswell, 2927 (sic) Camp Street.

Mrs. Boswell was visiting Martha at the farm when the news of Mr. Boswell’s illness came.

Martha, her mother and husband hurried home to nurse Mr. Boswell through his illness. “It was Martha’s coming home again that made him get well again,” Mrs. Boswell said last night. “That girl can do anything with her father. Now he is getting over the effects of a slight stroke and he is going back to the farm with her.”

Quit Professional Life

The famous trio of sisters who remained the tops in their appearances abroad, over the radio and on records are now all married and retired from professional life.

Martha is interested in chickens, pigs, crops and the simple life of the country, in the 175-acre place that she and her husband bought and remodeled at Tacoic Hills, Peekskill, New York, called the Lloyd-Boswell farm.

The major, as Martha calls her husband, was a member of the Royal Air Force of England and saw service in the World war. A native of Rhodesia, he came to America 10 years ago, and with a partner, now heads the Aero Insurance Underwriting company in New York.

A close friend of his, E.N. Holstius, director of Decca Grammaphone Company of London, met the Boswell sisters when they were singing in London. They made some records for Decca. Holstius told Major Lloyd about them. The thought the major would fall for Connie or Vet, but when the major looked the girls up in New York, it was Martha who won his heart.

Hated to Break Trio

“We were married January 1, 1936 in St. Stephens’ church in New York. Then we found out that Vet had married in July 1935 (and kept it secret until September 1936) – and Connie had been married secretly on December 14, 1935 just two weeks before we were married. The sisters are perfectly devoted to each other – but they didn’t tell about marrying. Thay hated to break up the trio,” the major said.

He hopes that the three will get together soon at his farm and go on the air again or make some more records. “There is room for all of them at the farm, and I hope they will go back to their singing,” he said. Vet is in Toronto and Connie is in Hollywood.

Martha’s young son Jules, 10, (by a former marriage) calls the major father. They expect to leave Friday for the farm.

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