James Von Schilling

JamesVonSchillingthumb Age: 58
Occupation: College Proffesor
Favorite Boswell Song: It varies, but for a long time it was “That’s How Rhythm Was Born.”

Bozzies.com recently heard from author and educator James Von Schilling and learned that he is a long-time Boz Buf. Jim was part of the small group of young people who rediscovered the Boswells during the nostalgia wave of the early 70s. He was fortunate to have had the chance to interview Connie Boswell, to meet Vet, and to have written about them at the beginning of the first Boswell renaissance.

Jim’ writing from that time had an impact that continues to be felt in the world of Boz. We began by asking him about his interview with Connie. His delightful answer and follow-up letter are reproduced in the article The Boswell Sisters: My Personal Story.

Jim was born and raised in Hackensack, NJ, and resides in Somerville, NJ. He has been a New Jersey public school teacher and has also taught at Bowling Green University, Rider University, and since 1984 at Northampton Community College, where he is a Professor of English. He is an active member of the Popular Culture and American Culture Associations and has written a book, The Magic Window: American Television, 1939-1953, published by Haworth Press.

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