Randall Riley

RandallRiley Age: 38
Occupation: Documentarian and owner of “The Swing Shift” remastering studio
Favorite Boswell Song: Doggone I’ve Done It

If Wikipedia had a listing for a “Conneephile,” Randall’s picture would be there. He discovered Connee Boswell when he was just 21 years old and they’ve been best buddies ever since. Randall has collected all of Connee’s music and has remastered her complete recording portfolio. For the past four years he has been making video documentaries, including the groundbreaking “Connee Boswell: Life is a Song.”

We caught up with Randall on the front porch of the Boswell home and recorded this Bozcast. Listen up and you’ll hear what it sounds like to be Bozzed for almost half your life!

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