The Boswell Sound Explained

bozbing qtl4 An optimal Boswell’s performance is a lunatic concoction with several key changes, four to five tempo shifts executed with uncanny precision, unexpected returns to the verse, choruses sung in something resembling pig Latin, and blues refrains or complete reharmonizations of the melody thrown in just because they feel like it and have the musicianship to pull it off. qtr4

Tom McDermott
Gambit Weekly

So what’s this “Boswell Sound” all about anyway?

Let the wonks at educate your ears with a little explanation of the classic sounds.

Cynthia Lucas, one of the best known Boz historians around, narrarates five key lessons that will help you get the Boz Bliss.

Listen on the Boz Pod, or feel free to download the MP3’s directly below.

Lesson 1: The Blend

Lesson 2: The Tempo

Lesson 3: The Riffs

Lesson 4: Melody? Words? Who need’s ’em!

Lesson 5: Scatting, Hand Trumpets, Gibberish and Gulling