Lordy mighty, Seville never sounded so good. “Stompin’ in Joy” is the first of O Sister!’s four releases to include original material. The sextet from Seville, who’ve always interpreted early 20th Century Swing, threw their original songs in the Boswell bowl and whipped up a treat that is delicious with scat, hand trumpets, key, rhythm changes and heavenly harmonies.

“Stompin’ in Joy” is a mix of these new originals and O Sister!’s repertoire of classic swing harmony. Eight years of musical exploration and a magical trip to New Orleans have given the band a sound that reflects its deepened roots in the gumbo of the NOLA soul. The sextet consists of Paula Padilla (contralto), Helena Amado (soprano) and Marcos Padilla (tenor), who add the vocal stylings to the ensemble, guitarist Matías Comino, Camilo Bosso and drummer Pablo Cabra round out the musical cast. This recording was complemented by producer Jordi Gil at Sputnik Studios in a live recording much like Connie, Martha and Vet did in their day (albeit with a whole lot more technology). Guest musicians on this recording include Juli Aymi (clarinet), Julien Silvand (trumpet) and Josep Tutusaus (trombone), and the band’s recording pianist Ángel Andrés Muñoz.

The repertoire of “Stompin’ in Joy” is a boiling pot of surprises, literally bursting with life. Joyful music combines with simple and catchy lyrics in their new tunes, ranging from reflections on the simple joys and pains of life (The Baby Rag, Please Don’t Talk to Me Before My Morning Coffee) to the band’s social statements on the role of women and the plight of jazz musicians and composers (Keep Your Head Up, Sister! and Nowzah!).
The Boswell Sisters published the song “You-dle-ee-oo-dee-oo” but left it unrecorded. O Sister! brings it to life in a manner that Meldania would respect. “Puttin’ It On,” which was written for Moulin Rouge and later recorded on Decca by the Bozzies, is renedered here with aplomb, as are those harmony standards “Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen” and “Moonglow.”

Mix yourself a nice Sazerac, visit the O Sister! Bandcamp site, buy the CD and enjoy! (When you mix that second Sazerac you’ll be ready to visit their Vimeo site, ah promise you!)