Steely Bozzies

By: Laurence Marks

steely-bozziesMy obsession with The Boswell Sisters started about a year ago. I’d heard their name, usually in relation to their influence on The Andrews Sisters. So I went online to Youtube and chose a song at random – “Everybody Loves My Baby’. I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been driving my friends crazy – “Bozzies this!” “Bozzies that!” You get the picture.

I first became aware of Steely Dan in late 1973. I’d spent most of the previous year in Greece, Italy and Denmark. So when I got back to London, England, I found that four American groups had made major impact. In descending order of (eventual) popularity it was The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and Little Feat. All very good but my favourite was Steely Dan.

Imagine my surprise when I found this book by the Steely frontman Donald Fagen, and read the first piece. One of my favourites writing about another of my favourites.

This book is a collection of new and previously published pieces. They’re amusing and informative. In the new essay “Boswells Version” there is little that readers of this site don’t already know but it’s concise, articulate and does a service by spreading the word about our gals to an audience unlikely to get the word any other way (unless they run into me). His analysis of two songs is, unsurprisingly, very sharp.

In sum, a good read, two thumbs up, five stars, this one will run and run.

(We’ve added a link to the book on Boz Buys for anyone who would like to check it out.)