Second Line and Memorial Wake

secondLineIt was first event and it honored the lives of the Boswell Sisters on the 30th Anniversary of Connee’s death, October 11, 2006. Fans gathered at the Café Du Monde and paraded to the river for a ceremony that “released the spirits” of the Boswell Sisters. It is an old New Orleans custom to have a band and “Second Line” parade to the cemetery as slow, sad songs are played. When the body, or the spirit, is released by the party the band plays songs of jubilation as the entourage marches back, celebrating the life and salvation of the departed. There had never been a Second Line for the Boswell Sisters who had all passed away in New York. With the permission of their family, the Pfister Sisters and symbolically brought the Sisters home.

The wake was a wonderfully festive affair that thoroughly celebrated the music and lives of the Boswells. The documentary video, “Life is a Song” by Randall Riley’s Swing Shift gave the audience a chance to see Connee, Martha and Vet in action. Their songs “Heebie Jeebie Blues” and Connee’s 1959 solo of “Mamma Goes Where Pappa Goes” got rousing applause. invites you to share this event in the videos and pictures taken that night.

Videos from (With many thanks to ShowerHedd Creative)