Dennis Yancey

dennis Age: Turned a BIG 60 August 17
Occupation: Musician, Piano-Organ
Favorite Boswell Song: We Just Could’t Say Good-bye

Dennis Yancey felt the call of the Boz while still a young man and it never left him. He graciously allowed us to reprint his article “Time for the Boswells,” currently featured in “Vintage Boz Articles.” His artful rendering of the metaphor of the watch is an insightful analysis for those wishing to better understand the mechanics behind the magic of the Boswell Sound. We are proud to feature Dennis as our Boz of the Month.

When we asked Dennis to tell us about how he became “bozzed” he shared a little about his experience:

“I discovered the Boswells around 1972 after seeing them in “The Big Broadcast” and it was quite a transforming experience. I was privileged to meet Vet Boswell in 1978 and I will always treasure the musical pointers – ten years worth – she gave me. I am a better musician because of both my Boswell listening experiences AND the mentoring Vet gave me. Though a pianist, just listening to their arrangements helped me master the art of improvising, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Vet was one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered, and I still pinch myself that she allowed me free rein – we would even talk for hours analyzing a chord set-up or whatever!”

“The article I wrote – TIME FOR THE BOSWELLS – was my personal tribute to the trio and I hope it helped in some way to define their artistry. Their harmony set-ups and changes never cease to amaze me – a high level of sophistication that is uncanny, ahead of their time.”

That gets a big amen from this choir!

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