You are not Alone!

award3 There are others who think they sound like Connee when they sing (especially in the shower when the water’s really running hard).

There are others who daydream in the office and try to rewrite the company’s mission statement in gibberish.

There are others who hit the refresh key every two seconds when the clock is counting down on an Ebay auction for an autographed Bozzie photo.

There are others who think they are the only ones who listen to and love the songs of the Boswell Sisters.

Oh children, you are not alone. There is probably someone out there who has been bitten even harder by the Bozzie bug than you have.


Nancy Stanley

Hoosierland gave us Hoagy Carmichael, Phil Harris, Gennett Records and A.C. Boswell, father of the Martha, Connie and Vet. It has also given us a rare lady record collector whose lifelong passion for the recordings of Connie Boswell and Boswell Sisters led to the first 33rpm release of their music. Nancy Stanley, like the Bozzies, is an original and we are proud to honor her as our Boz of the Month. Get Bozzed


JeriLynn Karr

As you search through You Tube for things Boswell you cannot miss the work one JeriLynn Karr. She is a great fan of the Bozzies and her prolific video output has not only turned a lot of the You Tube generation onto the Sisters’ sound, she has actually found others to sing the Sisters’ harmomies with her out there on the lone prairie! The Wizard of Boz once compared the internet of today with radio of the 30s in its ability to stretch across the nation and inspire people. Ms. Karr is one of the inspired and her story of family, friends and the Boz is inspiring. It has earned her a spot among the rarified club of the Boz of the Month.
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James Von Schilling recently heard from author and educator James Von Schilling and learned that he is a long-time Boz Buf. Jim was part of the small group of young people who rediscovered the Boswells during the nostalgia wave of the early 70s. He was fortunate to have had the chance to interview Connie Boswell, to meet Vet, and to have written about them at the beginning of the first Boswell renaissance.

Jim’ writing from that time had an impact that continues to be felt in the world of Boz. We began the interview by asking him about his interview with Connie. His delightful answer and follow-up letter are reproduced in the article
The Boswell Sisters: My Personal Story.
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Randall Riley

Lots of Bozzies collect their recordings but for Randall Riley it is a passion. He has collected Connie Boswell’s entire discography and had the good luck to procure her private collection including previous home recordings and safety acetates given to Connie at the time the records were cut. The multi-talented Mr. Riley has also just completed a short documentary about the life of Connie Boswell. We caught up with him on the front porch of the Boswell childhood home in New Orleans when the owners had graciously given rare access to the historic estate. Enjoy this short podcast with baggle-dozzie of the maggle-donth. Get Bozzed


Dennis Yancey

Dennis Yancey felt the call of the Boz while still a young man and it never left him. He graciously allowed us to reprint his article “Time for the Boswells,” currently featured in “Vintage Boz Articles.” His artful rendering of the metaphor of the watch is an insightful analysis for those wishing to better understand the mechanics behind the magic of the Boswell Sound. We are proud to feature Dennis as our Boz of the Month. Get Bozzed


Tommy Meehan

Tommy Meehan’s story is one of the most remarkable we’ve heard here at A principal of a school for the deaf, Tommy has had a hearing impairment all his life. But he is able to fully experience music and had an early fascination with harmony. He comes from a musical family and was exposed to a wide variety at an early age. His parents were older, born in 1911 and 1912, and were contemporaries of the Boswell Sisters. Get Bozzed