Sing, Sister, Sing

By Cynthia Lucas

I had posted “Cinderella Brown,” an excerpt from Sing, Sister, Sing, to You Tube in 2007. Within a few weeks a poster commented that one of the co-authors of the musical was in hospice and not expected to survive. I was able to connect the cast and the other author to the poster, but Andrue Scott passed away in the interim.

sing-castauthorsBack in 1983, Andrue and David McCain joined forces with Vet Boswell and the Pfister Sisters to put together a show about the Boswell Sisters. It premiered in the Pitt Theater in New Orleans in 1984 to warm reviews, but there was some criticism of the writing (read the review). The pan on the writing turned Scott away from the project and the curtain fell on Sing, Sister, Sing.

In the magical way that things work here in the land of Boz, Andrue’s Sing, Sister, Sing collection came into the possession of

sing-billboardWe have listened to tapes from his pre-show interviews with Vet Boswell, read his notes, the marks on his scripts, and even the post production musings of how he might be able to improve upon the work. We have been given permission to air what was a home made VHS tape of the production here on via You Tube. It is our hope that Bozzies will be delighted to find this little window into the life of the Boswell Sisters’ “official” story. And despite the challenges one writer found with the libretto, we have no doubt that the story and performances by the young Pfister Sisters will impress.

We have Part One and Part Two of the videos below. Our apologies for the sound syncing being a little off towards the end of each, we are working on fixing that up, and hope to have improved versions up in the near future.

For now, they are still a quite enjoyable tribute to a wonderful piece of musical history that we hope will please our fellow Bozzies.

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Part One

Part Two