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Stompin’ In Joy

A soulful, swinging mélange of original tunes infused with the Boswell sound and covers of famous trio numbers make this latest release from O Sister! original and exciting. Special treats include the Boswell-penned but never recorded “You-dle-ee-oo-dee-oo”, the Boz-o-fun loaded anthem “Keep Your Head Up Sister,” and the beautiful homage to the Crescent City, “I Fell in Love with New Orleans.” “Stompin’ in Joy” has got it…Oh Yeah Man!

Home at Last

Chica Minnerly, daughter of Vet Boswell, organized her family’s memorabilia into a museum in upstate New York. This is the story of how that collection made its way back to New Orleans, and the Historic New Orleans Collection exhibit that brought the Boswell Sisters back home.

A Billet-Doux de Boswell

Devotion to the harmonic potion that is the Boswell Sisters is warmly expressed by music critic Lynn René Bayley in her article A Love Letter to the Boswell Sisters ( .

Lynn René Bayley has been a jazz lover since age four (Glenn Miller!) and a classical music lover since age ten (Arturo Toscanini) who in time became a music critic of both. Raised in New Jersey, she moved to Cincinnati in 1977 and has lived there ever since. She was lucky enough to discover that Vet Boswell had a listed phone number in the early 1980s and spent many happy hours on the phone with her. You can read Lynn’s blog on classical music and jazz at In addition to the Boswells, her favorite jazz vocal groups are Lambert, Hendricks and Ross (which Vet also got a kick out of—she told me that the Boswells would probably have moved in that direction had they continued longer), the early Pointer Sisters and O Sister!. Aside from Connee, her favorite female jazz singers are Mamie Smith (Connee’s principal influence), Billie, Ella, Sarah, Sheila Jordan, Cleo Laine and the magnificent but vastly underrated Alice Babs.

Bette Midler – It’s the Girls!

Last year Bette Midler told that “The world needs more Boswell Sisters.” This year she has confirmed the hints she dropped that she was personally doing something about it.

We here at are positively giddy and excited to tell you all about it >> Read More!

Steely Bozzies

A Boswell Sisters fan and Bozzies contributor, Laurence Marks, recently wrote us about a book titled “Eminent Hipsters” by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan fame. We thought we’d return the kindness by sharing his thoughts and adding the book to our Boz Buys collection.

The Personal Storm of Connee Boswell

A wonderfully written and well researched article by Cort Vitty. With all of Connee’s accomplishments and contributions to history, it can be easy to forget it was all done from a wheelchair. This article begins with a meeting between Connee and an unnamed man also stricken with polio, in her adult years, and continues on to some highlights of her life from childhood to passing. It is an inspiring read, and reminds us of just what a simply remarkable person Connee Boswell was.

Constructing YOU-DLE-EE-OO-DE-OO

A Boswell Sisters’ song you’ve never heard? Oh yeah man! O Sister puts there special Spanish spin on a Bozzie ballad published in 1934, but never recorded. An awesome documentary.

A Great Review by David McCain

In Perfect Harmony“, a Boswell inclusive celebration of the vocal group, ran in Manhattan in late March 2012. The Boswell Sound was deliverd by the DiGiallonardo Sisters, and the performances were reviewed by David McCain.

Shout Sister Takes the Stage

A fictionalized account of the Boswell Sisters start was in the limelight of Regina, Saskatchewan’s Globe Theater for a March 2012 run. Written by Sharon Stearns, Shout Sister featured the actual music of the Boswells in an imagined landscape of 1920s or 30s New Orleans. Their discovery and education by a Creole man fits beautifully into the myth of jazz while bearing little resemblance to the Boswell’s story. The Regina “Leader Post” gave the music a great review. Management was kind enough to place a reference to in the program notes.

The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

The Boswell Sisters made the cut in two of America’s most prestigious selections.

The Library of Congress chose It’s the Girl  to represent one of the 25 recordings selected in 2011 under the National Recording Preservation Act of 2000. The Library seeks out the very best surviving recordings of the work and preserves it for posterity. This is the 9th year that the Library has issued its 25 titles and the first time the Boswell Sisters have been honored.

Right down the street, the Smithsonian is issuing a new 111 track, 6 CD set called JAZZ: The Smithsonian Anthology.  Tucked among the likes of Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Miles David, John Coltrane and a wealth of fellows, the Boswell Sisters are the only female trio and only one of a mere handful of ladies whose tunes have made it to this recording. Everybody Loves My Baby is sure to Boz the world of the folks who fork over a C-note to make this big baby their own.


Helvetia George Boswell Jones would have been 100 years old on May 20, 2011. There are celebrations across the globe commemorating this event.

  • In the Vancouver, BC area, Company B is appearing at the White Rock Traditional Jazz Society weekly dance, Sunday, May 22nd, 3-6pm, at the Crescent Beach Legion, 2643 – 128th Street, White Rock / South Surrey, BC, Canada (a stone’s throw from the Canada/US border, 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver). They will salute the former Canadian chanteuse with their Bozzie blessed blend, and enjoy a Rye on the rocks in her honor.
  • Down in Sunny Spain, O Sister has been spotted playing in the streets of Seville and toasting to Helvetia. We don’t think they mean Switzerland, either. They will dedicate their May 21st appearance at Teatro Municipal Torcal, C/ Ramón y Cajal, 8, Antequera, Málaga, to dear Votzy. Via todos! (That’s as close as I can get to “y’all come.”)
  • In New Orleans, an ensemble who has actually performed with Vet Boswell will be taking the stage at Chickie Wah Wah around 5:30 on Friday, May 20th. The Pfister Sisters bring the genuine Crescent City cred to the harmonies of Vet and her Sisters. They’ve been doing the Boswell music longer than the Boswell’s did, so a great treat to the ears will be had by all.

Happy Birthday Vet!

Finally, A Boswell Sisters Documentary!

Yes, it’s true! A full documentary is in pre-production right now. Read more about it, and watch the trailer now on Boz Video Buz. We will be posting production updates for you on the new Boz Buds Board, and we’d also love to hear your thoughts on this new feature production.

Watch this Boz Video Buz Special Feature and Get bozzed!

“We Copied the Boswell Sisters”

A revealing new article by David McCain about the original sound of the Andrews Sisters. While the dedicated Bozzed among us already know the Boswell Sisters inspired a great many performers, including the Andrews Sisters, what many may not know is that we’ve tracked down a very early and long lost recording of “Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia” from the Andrews Sisters, and we have it right here on

David’s article chronicles the hunt for the long lost recording, as well as many great interviews along the way. Get bozzed.

The King Sisters – A Chapter From the History of Harmony

David McCain takes a look at the history of the King Sisters, whose harmony roots trace back to the Boswell Sisters. Once again he brings terrific research together with a love for his subject that makes for a must read! Also featured is a biographical song performed by the King Sisters from the Fitch Bandwagon, which you can listen to on the BozPod.

Get Bozzed with the Kiggle-ding Siggle-disters!

Boz Video Buz

Crazy People get the Heebie Jeebies as they do the Lou’siana Waddle when It’s Sleepy Time Down South. Ya gotta see it to believe it and we gots it here on video!… Get bozzed.

Sing Sister, Sing

We have recently been given permission to air what was a home made VHS tape of the production right here on It is our hope that Bozzies will be delighted to find this little window into the life of the Boswell Sisters’ “official” story. Get bozzed.

Boz Buys from

As our Boz Bufs already know, (aka is a non profit organization dedicated to preserving the memory of, and spreading the word about the Boswell Sisters and their contributions to musical history and performance, as well as their influence on a great many other performers. We’ve expanded our Boz Buys section to include links directly to everything Bozzie we could find on Get bozzed.

Boswell Sisters Centennial Celebration Recap

What a celebration! December 3, 2007 would have been Connee Boswell’s 100th birthday. In honor of this milestone, the Boswell Sisters Centennial Committee is partnered with New Orleans Jazz National Park, the Louisiana State History Museum, The Midlo Center at the University of New Orleans, Snug Harbor and for a weekend of live music, seminars, labs and more to honor the innovation, influence and achievements of the Boswell Sisters Bozzies from around the world united the twentieth anniversary of Vet Boswell Jones’ death. Read more about it and Get bozzed

Remembering Vet

The Boswell Centennial officially wound down on November 12, 2008, the twentieth anniversary of Vet Boswell Jones’ death. is honored to mark this milestone with David McCain’s reminiscence of his friend Helvetia in the article, Remembering Vet. Get bozzed.

Connee’s Wheelchair Discovered

The light from the single, faraway bulb was dim, but Boswell researchers David McCain, Randall Riley and Cynthia Lucas knew as soon as they saw the wheelchair tucked away in the corner that this had belonged to Connee Boswell. Get bozzed.

Boswell Sisters Inducted in Louisiana Music Hall of Fame

We were there in Jackson Square on a beautiful April afternoon with thousands of French Quarter Fest celebrants. They applauded their approval as the Boswell Sisters became only the second posthumous group inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Although members of the Boswell family were not able to be there, they asked that the honor be accepted on behalf of all the fans who continue to discover, enjoy and celebrate the Boswell Sisters music.

The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame has posted a copy of the plaque on their website and has featured a number of Boswell movie clips in their gallery.

Big Bozzie “attaboys” to LMHOF director Mike Shepherd for making the award possible and a chest of doubloons to the Pfister Sisters for hosting the awards during their performance.

Mo’ Connee Downloads, Yowsah

There are hours and hours of the Connie Boswell Show just ready to download at the Internet Archive. Stream it or click it, either way you can listen to CBoz efforts during wartime to keep her country smiling through.

Bozzin’ With the Brian Sisters

One of the sister acts to rise in the wake of the Boswell Sisters’ success was the Brian Sisters. First seen in Hal Roach’s “Our Gang” comedies, Betty, Doris and Gwen amazed audiences with their tight, hot harmonies and were making movies before they were in their teens. Many know that they appeared in MGM’s “Sunday Night at the Trocadero” with Connie Boswell, but few know of how Connie befriended them and helped them reach a new level in their career. Doris Brian Rounds told the story of the struggle she and her sisters faced when they came to Los Angeles and Connie’s influence on their lives to

Connee Boswell Second Line and Memorial Wake

See pictures and video captured as celebrated the life of Connee Boswell and the Boswell Sisters on the 30th anniversary of Connee’s death.

Liner Notes from the 1943 Brunswick Collection

How quickly they forget…at least Connee’s age! This pdf is taken from the liner notes that appear in a great Brunswick reissue of the Boswell Sisters best songs. There is some significant poetic license taken in the story this tells of the Boswell Sisters, but it still makes a great read.

Boz Banter is proud to feature Richard Lamparski’s 1965 interview with Connee and Vet Boswell. The famed author of the “Whatever Became Of…” series and the great new “Hollywood Diary” and “Manhattan Diary” editions has graciously allowed us to share his WBAI interview with the Boswell Sisters. Hear them tell their story in their own words…and Get Bozzed.

Blog Your Baby to the Bozzy Beat

Canadian swing-thing Mike Daley shares his Bozzie thoughts and meanderings via the web at

Dis Man’s Got IT!

If you love the Bozzies, you’ll love He has lots of real gems on his virtual radio machine that include Connee’s smash hit with Bob Crosby and his Bobcats, “Martha”. But his greatest discovery may have been of an old Philco promo record that features the Boswell Sisters under the name the “Philco-eds”. Well worth downloading real player just to listen!

Keepin’ the Home Fires Burning

The Pfabulous Pfister Sisters got around the piano in the New Orleans parlor where the Boswell Sisters used to practice and sang our friend Cynthia a birthday song. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing today!

Facebook Bozzies

Loads of gorgeous photos and tunes are out there in Face Place. Check out the Boswell Sisters site maintained by Vet’s granddaughter.

Best Boz Discography on the Web

Sure, there’s a better one you can buy, but this is the best free Boz discography we’ve found on the web. Check out Patrick Gaffey’s site (and tell him when there’s something wrong).

Bozzie Bakes

Sweet and hot are always ingredients in Connie’s cupboard.

Connie Boswell’s Pineapple Torte recipe

From the “Good Things to Eat from Out of the Air – 136 tested radio recipes” by Winifred S. Carter, c. 1932 from Proctor and Gamble.

  • 1/2 C melted Crisco
  • 1 C granulated sugar
  • 1 box Holland rusks rolled fine
  • 1 t cinnamon

Combine these ingredients. Take out 3/4 cup of the mixture. Use remainder to line the bottom of square cake pan.

  • Filling:
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2-1/2 cups pineapple, shredded
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 T flour

Blend sugar with flour. Add pineapple and slightly beaten egg yolks. Fold in stiffly beaten whites. Pour this over rusk mixture. Sprinkle top with 3/4 C of crumbs. Bake 1 hour in a slow oven (325 F). Chill. Serve with plain or whipped cream.

(Note from Stinceria – try this in a 9×9 pan, greased and flowered.)