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About Bozzies.org and Boz Biz

Bozzies.org does more than provide the best information on the web about New Orleans’ own Boswell Sisters.

We also provide services that range from event production to academic research assistance.

With our wide range of artists, researchers and our access to many privately held collections, Bozzies.org can help everyone from filmmakers to funmakers add the best of Boz to their projects.

Bozzies.com has produced or assisted in a wide range of Boswell themed events, including:

  • “Still Fresh After 70 Years” a New Orleans celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Boswell Sisters last recording, February 12, 2006 at the Marigny Brasserie
  • Goin’ Home“, a Second-Line celebration of Connee Boswells life on the 30th anniversary of her death, New Orleans, October 11, 2006
  • The Boswell Sisters, Rediscovering Perfect Harmony, Presented by the University of Texas, School of Music, April 5, 2007.
  • The Boswell Sisters Centennial, Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2007, a four day festival of Boswell performers, lectures and listening labs in conjunction with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation.
  • Second Line Memorial for The Boswell Sisters, Peekskill, NY, July 5 2008, a memorial parade and celebration in the city that Martha and Vet called home.

We can help you put together a Bozzed themed event of any size, and almost anywhere. Whether it is a jazz wedding or a scholarly symposium, Bozzies.org can help pull together the best performers, speakers and experts in things Boswellian to fit your bill.



If you want to know about the Boswell Sisters and their contemporaries, you can start at your local library or begin here. While the information presented at Bozzies.org is the most comprehensive on the web, it only scratches the surface. Want to go deeper? Bozzies.org provides reference and resources for a wide array of research, including:

  • Book, dissertation and thesis research
  • Film and television research
  • Lyrics and recordings
  • Photos and film access

Bozzies.org can connect you with the right person or resource to answer just about any research need you have. We want the world to know, and we will help the world get the information they need.


If your subject is the Boswell Sisters, Bozzies.org can provide skilled journalists and writers to prepare well researched and informed articles from a variety of perspectives. Or, if you are working on an article and need to interview experts on the subject of Boz, we can help you connect to those in the know.

Cost of Services

Bozzies.org is dedicated to telling the story of the Boswell Sisters and is not a for-profit company. While we gladly accept donations for our services, there is no charge for our references and for our assistance. Our pool of experts, performers and speakers will work directly with you to negotiate the cost of their services