Everybody Loves the Bozzies

bosw-3 The Judds, The Ditty Bops, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, The Andrews Sisters…the pantheon of artists who credit the Boswell Sisters as their inspiration goes on and on.

The crazy crew of bozzies.com occasionally leaves the confines of their computer to check out artists and experts on Boz topics. We will feature interviews with the mavens and musicians who keep the Boswell Sound alive and swingin’. Our Bozcasts will feature performers, scholars and collectors who got Bozzed in a big way.

And no Bozzie site would be complete without a listing of the brave and Bozzed who have actually tackled the arrangements of the Boswell Sisters. You’ll find links to their sites at Bozzed Brethern and Sistern.

We’ll also try to feature the story of one Bozzy Buf every month…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!