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Bozcast: A Jazzman and a Scholar

bruce2Bruce Boyd Raeburn is a drummer, a PhD and the son of one of jazz’ most respected bandleaders. He is the curator of the Hogan Jazz Archives at Tulane University which houses one of the best collections of Boswell Sister research in the world. Bruce recalls how he became “Bozzed” in the 70s and shares his musician’s perspective on the music and the legacy of Connie, Martha and Vet.

Bozcast: The Collector

riley He started when he was barely out of his teens and now Randall Riley has what it arguably the most complete collection of Connie Boswell music in the world. Randall spoke with at the childhood home of the Boswell Sisters in New Orleans. We’ve added outtakes from few of Randall’s gems to this interview to make it an extra special treat.

Bozcast: Preserving the Tradition

Pfister_SistersIn May 2006 we caught up with the Pfister Sisters in a shotgun house on the edge of the mid cities. There was still a pile of post-K rubble on the corner and the house sported the FEMA blue tarp above its windblown roof. But there was nothing glum or gloomy about the three wonderfully talented women as they and piano player Amasa Miller joined us for a chat about their career. Yvette Voelker, Debbie Davis and Holley Bendtsen tell us about how they discovered and carried on the three-part harmony swing traditions of their hometown heroes, the Boswell Sisters.