Richard Lamparski Interview with Connee and Vet is proud to feature Richard Lamparski’s 1965 interview with Connee and Vet Boswell. The famed author of the “Whatever Became Of…” series and the great new “Hollywood Diary” and “Manhattan Diary” editions has graciously allowed us to share his WBAI interview with the Boswell Sisters. Hear them tell their story in their own words…and Get Bozzed.

Some quotes from the Interview:

If you would say ‘Who do the Rock and Roll singers sound like of yesterday’…you couldn’t say they sound like Ruth Etting or the Brox Sisters…You’d have to say they’re in the Boswell Sister’s groove.
– Connie Boswell

We revolutionized the whole style of not only singing trios, but my single work as well, and also musicians.
– Connee Boswell

Martha was Somaphine on Tom’s (Brenneman) show. It was called Tom and His Mule.
– Connee

Martha wasn’t the mule.
– Vet

Listen to the complete interview on the Boz Pod, or you can download the MP3 directly here.