In Their Own Words

The Boswell Sisters were known to take up the pen on occasion. is searching the archives for articles, letters and commentaries directly from the sisters themselves. We’ll post them here for your enjoyment – and share anything you might want to send our way.

Martha Boswell – The Spotlight

Martha wrote a guest column for New Orleans journalist Mel Washburn shortly after the act broke up in 1936. It is a wonderful look at the mind and humor of MBoz that you are sure to enjoy.

Martha Boswell – Old Pal O’ Mine

Martha Boswell wrote several of the Boswell Sisters early recordings. “Meet Me Tonight, Dear Old Pal ‘o Mine” was never recorded and released by the Sisters, but Connie used it as a theme song in an early radio show. We share with you the sheet music so you can make a little Boz Buz all your own.